Beacon Federal CU is Going Green.

We’re looking out for you and want to help you save time, save paper and reduce your chances of falling victim to identity theft with E-statements. E-statements offer many benefits including:

  • Speed – You’ll receive your e-statements faster than paper statements
  • Cost – E-statements are free!
  • Convenience – All your account information is right in one place, with 12 months of statements right at your fingertips.
  • Safety – Paper statements can be an identity thief’s best friend.
  • Overall Savings – E-statements are less expensive to produce and have no postage costs leaving the credit union with savings we can give back to the members in lower loan rates and higher deposit rates.
  • You’re helping the environment! – By switching from paper to electronic statements, we avoid producing tons of greenhouse gases and reduce our carbon emission output.


Sign up for E-Statements

You have two options to enroll and receive E-Statements.

If you are already setup with access to PC Branch you can simply log in and select the E-Statements tab.

If you do not use PC Branch, you can still enroll in E-Statements.  Enroll by clicking on the sign-up link below or use the E-Statements Login link located on the top right of this website just under the Online Banking login.

sign up for E-Statements >