Multi Factor Authentication

While the chances of identity theft or monetary loss are slim, there do exist active malicious entities on the Internet that look to fraudulently gain from unsuspecting individuals. One of the most popular methods of fraud is through impersonating individuals during the login process. It is our intention to make this process as difficult as possible for these fraudsters while keeping your experience as hassle-free as possible.

Secure Login Process

It is our commitment to our members that access to your financial information is appropriately secure. The change you are seeing on the login page is due to enhanced measures to secure your Internet Banking site.

The login process is changing in three ways:

Login will become a multiple step process (detailed below) instead of one screen where you enter your Member Number and PIN you now enter your Member Number and Random Security Code.
The first time you login, you will be asked to enter in five challenge questions and corresponding answers as well as a Security Key Image.
During subsequent logins, you may be asked to answer a challenge question and verify the Security Key Image that you select.

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Enroll in Multi-Factor Authentication

You can stop by our branch location to sign up for PC Branch and learn more about how it can help you keep a close eye on all your account activities.  Or, you can click the following enrollment link:

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