What is a CU 4 Reality Fair?

cu4realitySpending money has never been easier than it is for today’s youth.

More credit is being extended to this segment at a younger and younger age. Yet, far too few students learn life skills that will ultimately lead to their personal financial success. Especially during these challenging economic times, it’s even more important to educate our youth about their finances.

Reality Fairs, a REAL Solutions Program, is funded by the Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation. Beginning with classroom instruction, the Fair ends with a fun and exciting simulation of spending & budgeting based on career choices & lifestyle choices.

Beacon FCU has hosted multiple reality fairs, free of charge, to various high schools and different organizations in the communities in which we serve. Many students have benefited from the information that they obtained from the fairs and community leaders and volunteers that help assist with the fairs have also indicated that this was a great experiencing in teaching our future young consumers healthy spending habits for prosperous living.