Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule
Service Fee
ATM (Non-Proprietary) Cash Withdrawal $2.50 each
Check Printing Fee Varies by Style
Teller Check Fee $2.00 each
Temporary Check Fee $5.00 for 8 checks
Cashier’s Check Fee $5.00 each
Money Order Fee $1.00 each
Overdraft Protection Fee $5.00 each
Return of Deposited Item Fee Other than from member’s account at other financial institution = $10.00 each

From member’s account at other financial institution = $31.00 each

Check Cashing Fee Non-Members (applicable only to On-Us checks) $10.00 each
Coin Machine Members (applicable when daily total is less than $200.00 per day) = FREE
Members (applicable when daily total equals or exceeds $200.00 per day) = 5.00% of total
Non-Members = 20% of total
Notary Fee Member = FreeNon-members = $6.00
Document Copy Fee (applicable to 3rd subsequent pages) $0.10 per page
VISA Unauthorized Liability/Error Dispute (decided against consumer) $25.00
Account Activity Printout Fee $2.00 each
Account Research Fee $25.00 per hour
Statement Copy Fee $5.00 per statement
Telephone Inquiry Fee $3.00 per call
Telephone Transfer Fee $3.00 per transaction
Stop Payment
(processed by staff)
$25.00 per item
Stop Payment
(processed through PC Branch)
$20.00 per item
Wire Transfer
(domestic outgoing)
$15.00 each plus fees
Wire Transfer
(international outgoing)
$60.00 each plus fees
Garnishment Fee $25.00 plus legal fees
Execution Fee $25.00 plus legal fees
Levy Fee $25.00 plus legal fees
Check Copy Fee $3.00 per check
Account Closed within 6 Months $5.00 per account
Rejected Check
(or MICR line printed by outside company)
$1.00 each
Safe Deposit Box Rental
Return Check $31.00 each
Return ACH $31.00 each
Courtesy Pay $31.00 each
Overdrawn Account
(Visa Debit Card)
$31.00 each
Collection Item $10.00 each
Return Mail $5.00 per item
Safe Deposit Box Replacement Key(s) $7.00 each plus trip fee
Safe Deposit Box Drill Price To Be Determined
VISA Gift Card Fee $3.25 each
VISA Reloadable Card
VISA Debit Card Replacement $8.00 each
Credit Card Replacement $8.00 each
Account to Account (A2A) Outbound Transfer Fees $5.00
Expedited Bill Payment (electronic) $2.25 per item
Expedited Bill Payment (check) $20.00 per item
Return Bill Payment (check) $20.00 per item
Club Checking Service Fee $4.95 per month
Oops Checking Service Fee $12.00 per month
Mail Paper Statement (Age 19-69) $2.00 per month
Inactive Account (12 months or more) $5.00 per month
Fax Charges

Local (area codes 713, 281, 832, 409) = $1.00 first 3 pages; $0.50 each additional page

Long Distance = $2.00 first 3 pages; $0.50 each additional page

International = Varies

Canadian monetary item processing fee $30.00 each